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Starts with Goodbye.

Where to begin…where to begin…

I guess I should start with, I’m sorry I ghosted everyone for a while. Let’s not dwell on the specifics of how long (because I am straight up ashamed about that - like, what. the. hell.), but I missed you all so much and thought about you often yet was not in the right place to come back. And I don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation, but part of me feels like I do…maybe for my own sanity?

So here goes…

When I first started Uprooted Blonde, I was excited about my life, and rightfully so. I had just celebrated my first wedding anniversary. My husband and I were moving mid-pandemic to Colorado, so that he could finish schooling to be an aviation mechanic. It was a new beginning. And let me tell you, life was so damn exciting and going to be an adventure for us!

But fast-forward to now, about two years later… I’m in the process of a divorce that, frankly, I cannot afford. I moved back to New York to be with my family during this hellish time of my life. And truthfully, I’ve found myself to be so broken that I've had a hard time believing that I could be put back together. I’ve had a really hard time being excited about life lately; the ground gave way under me, and I was just free-falling with no ground in sight (which I don’t know if it’s good or bad, just that it’s absolutely terrifying). Everything I’d known, everything I had…just “POOF!”

I will say that I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a great support system of family and friends to help me navigate my new reality and who have dealt with my depression, my tears, my anger, etc. (If you’ve been part of that shit-show, from the bottom of my broken heart, thank you.) But I’ve been trying to work on being okay, day by day. Although me three months ago wouldn’t agree, I think I’ll be okay...


And I’m starting to realize that there’s nothing wrong with being okay…or not okay. It just takes time.

With that said, I’m making a promise to you (and myself!) to be more accountable when it comes to OUR relationship going forward. I need this outlet, and not to spill all the beans but I have a lot going on.

xo, Uprooted Blonde

PS: How do you like the new look and feel of the page?! I felt like we needed a fresh start. And on top of that, I’ve cleaned out some old articles too. No worries though. We are going to fill this right up!

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