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Into The Great Wide Open

Where do I even start? The beginning would make sense, but sometimes things just don’t make sense to anyone but yourself. So I’ll start with this: I am taking a HUGE leap of faith.

A let’s-move-almost-to-the-other-side-of-the-country leap of faith.

A quit-your-job-after-almost-twelve-years leap of faith.


But why? Well, simply, I want to be happier. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy. I married my best friend. I have a great family and great friends. We have our reptiles (a lot of reptiles...). We have a great apartment with the best landlords. But I have had this nagging in the back of my head and in my heart that something is missing. Some may say, buy a house! Or you should start thinking about having a baby! (Or, both.) Honestly, we are at a point in our lives that those things make sense, but I refuse to do either in the wrong place and/or time, which leads us to the leap of faith.

A little backstory first:

I am a hometown girl. I’ve lived the majority of my 33 years on Earth in Buffalo, New York (with the exception of the two and a half years that I lived in Florida – Deltona with my family and Lakeland on my own). My vacations were to go camping an hour or two away, aside from the one time I went to Disney when I was five and a couple trips to New York City with friends. I don’t really stray too far from home, and that was okay by me as long as I could drive around with the top down on my Jeep and the volume turned way up on my stereo.

Then there is my husband. Brooks has been to five out of the seven continents…all before the age of eighteen. He’s taken flying lessons. He’s hiked the famous Appalachian Trail. And when he told me how he wanted to badly to have our wedding pictures taken in Arches National Park (Moab, Utah), I jumped on the chance to go outside of my comfort zone and venture the furthest I have ever been from home.

And now, about 13 months later, we are going to move to Colorado. I feel, for clarity, that I should note that this wasn't a random decision; we went back and forth about whether or not this was a good idea. Do we stay put and complacent? Or do we go outside of our comfort zone and get the excitement of something new? And then, the nail in the coffin: Brooks was accepted back into a school he'd been attending (and left with a 4.0 GPA, whoa) and has better potential than where we are now to give us the freedom to start a family in our own home. So...Colorado, here we come!

Full disclosure: I literally sent in my resignation letter twelve hours before I started writing this (which my manager responded to by spelling my name wrong), and I felt this weight lifted off my shoulders, even though part of me feels like I’m free-falling since there are still so many plans to finalize. However, what I do know is this:

I am so ready for this new adventure.

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